About mYouSeeEm

The idea was simple: to create a virtual space to display art, history and culture of Black, Indigenous, People of Color. Months later, the idea was put into action and over the course of a few years mYouSeeEm became a reality.

mYouSeeEm is a play on the word ‘museum’, where phonetically both words are pronounced the exact same way, but visually look different. The emphasis on ‘You See Em’ draws individuals to pay attention to what you see and consume in the museum space.

mYouSeeEm provides a unique art, history, and cultural experience for individuals of all backgrounds and ages. mYouSeeEm gives Black, Indigenous, People of Color the platform to own, unify, and amplify their narratives.

We believe that through our online platform created by, with, and for BIPOC, they will see themselves reflected in a growing art-tech industry through empowerment, engagement, and education.

We position ourselves as a disruptive innovation working to grow a more inclusive and diverse art and technology community.